WinEvsys (or “Windows Events System”) is a database application based on Microsoft Access to record and manage information on events which contain human rights violations.

In 2010, WinEvsys was replaced by OpenEvsys, and is no longer pro-actively supported by HURIDOCS. However, it is mature, stable, and perfectly suitable for use.

Like OpenEvsys, it is based upon the HURIDOCS Events Standard Formats and Micro-thesauri.

WinEvsys was developed as an outcome of a meeting of users and developers of databases for documenting human rights violations which HURIDOCS held in Mexico in 1997. It was launched in 1999 and was used by various human rights NGOs world-wide. It was developed by Chilean developer Ricardo Cifuentes.

The following training videos give an overview of different functions of WinEvsys:


Download WinEvsys for Microsoft Access 2003 (English – French – Spanish)



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