What we do

All human rights organizations manage information to produce knowledge and analysis for their advocacy and interventions.

Good information management system enables human rights NGOs to:

  • Gain a more accurate and deeper understanding of the prevailing human rights situation, of causes, and of consequences, and measure how this situation is evolving.
  • Carry out strong, evidence-based advocacy, litigation, and campaigning, and monitor the impact of their interventions.
  • Retrieve information quickly and flexibly, so they can respond to sudden advocacy opportunities, such as a question from a journalist.
  • Increase their efficiency through clearly defined processes and automation of repetitive tasks such as email campaign management or quantitative analysis.
  • Protect themselves, their sources, and their information from malevolent intent or information loss.

HURIDOCS is an international NGO helping human rights organizations use information technologies and documentation methods to maximize the impact of their advocacy work.

  • We develop tools and techniques specifically tailored to the human rights context.
  • We provide on-site visits and needs assessments.
  • We offer customized training and support.
  • We document and disseminate good practices.
  • We help HURIDOCS network members share and collaborate.



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