Capacity building, training & support

Our main activity is to provide human rights organisations with customised advice, training and support, so that they can provide the right information, to the right audiences, in the right format, at the right time. We prefer to work one-to-one with specific organisations over the long term, helping them find the right solutions and acquire the right skills necessary for their work.

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We can help in the following areas:

  • Setting up a project to document human rights violations: project design, methodologies and databases.
  • Setting up information systems and handling processes for human rights litigation, NHRI complaint handling, client services and similar areas.
  • Setting up and improving advocacy websites to make information more accessible to target audiences.
  • Setting up a physical documentation centre or a digital library.
  • Improving document storage systems and information security to work safely and effectively.

Forms of intervention can include:

  • Consultations by email and phone to help you define your documentation project and set it on the right track (usually the best way to start)
  • On-site needs assessment, training and support, we send an expert to work with you for a short period (maybe one week).
  • Professional internships, meaning that your organisation sends a key staff member to our offices in Geneva for a week (or longer) of in-depth work on your information systems or documentation projects.
  • Full-fledged capacity building projects, that can last several months and can include development of a custom database or website or intranet, and coaching and training for your information workers.

How much does it cost?

  • We try to provide our services free of charge to NGOs in the South. This means that we don’t charge for email/phone consultations, and we try to limit charges for needs assessment missions or professional internships.
  • In case of a needs assessment mission to your organisation, we usually work on a cost sharing basis: we cover our airfare, and the host organisation covers local costs.
  • In case of a professional internship, the NGO should be able to cover their staff member’s flight and accomodation in Geneva. We can help to find affordable accomodation and can assist to secure a visa for Switzerland.
  • Larger projects, such as a custom database or advocacy website or support for a long-term documentation project, may require more significant funding: we need to cover experts, developers, trainers, IT equipment and software, and so on. We handle these on a project basis, meaning that we work with the NGO to build a project proposal to be funded locally by the NGO’s donors.

We are constantly raising funds so that we can increase our capacity to offer free services, so that you can call us and we would be able to send you the right expert right away.

If you need help and would like to access our services, the simplest is to contact us, and we will do our best to help.


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