HURIDOCS’ help is invaluable

“We seek justice before domestic and continental mechanisms for all kinds of victims of human rights violations all over Africa. Our partnership with HURIDOCS is helping us disseminate important information pertaining to the jurisprudence of these mechanisms. In fact, we had a series of volumes on all decisions of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, but nothing was published online, so it was taking lots of time to find the right information. The African Commission publishes decisions, but it takes months for these to come online.

User friendly access to all the African human rights case law.

User friendly access to all the African human rights case law.

HURIDOCS’ tool was a turning point in our work. With the Caselaw Analyser, we could put together all decisions from the African regional and sub-regional human rights mechanisms as well as all the necessary legal instruments – charters, conventions, protocols, etc. Instead of searching for hours, you can simply narrow down your search by just selecting the country, the mechanism, or the thematic area you are interested in, and you get all you need. It also facilitates the advocacy efforts of litigants before the mechanisms, because they can easily refer to and remind the deciding bodies of their former decisions on similar cases and ask them to be consistent and transparent.

Makes it easy to filter and find the right cases.

Makes it easy for advocates to filter and find the right cases.

HURIDOCS’ help is invaluable. Professionals who don’t know about Caselaw Analyser are very enthusiastic when they see the possibilities it offers. We are now discussing with HURIDOCS an opportunity to develop Caselaw Analyser into a mobile application so we can have it on mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and the like, in order to facilitate the work of human rights defenders in Africa who don’t have ready access to a computer. HURIDOCS opens new horizons for all of us.”

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