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The assistance of HURIDOCS makes it easier for us to analyse our data

“The assistance of HURIDOCS made it easier for us to analyse our data and improved our advocacy. We know which kind of violation is rampant in the different countries we deal with, and we can adjust our work to it.”

Alexis Nadine Bautista is Program Assistant for the Migrant Forum in Asia (www.mfasia.org), which advocates for the rights and dignity of migrant workers.

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HURIDOCS helped us digitize 60 years of archives

“It quickly became clear that HURIDOCS was the right organization to do the job. With its team specialised in both human rights and information technology, I knew we would gain time and money. Moreover, the contact with the team was excellent: we knew we were working in the same direction.”

Olivier van Bogaert is Director of Media and Communications for the International Commission of Jurists (www.icj.org).

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HURIDOCS contributes to keeping the memories of the victims alive

“We learned a lot out of our experience with HURIDOCS: how to collect and register data, how to organise it. Information management is crucial to expose what happened and to analyse crimes. It helps reveal the truth.”

Gamze Hızlı is Project Coordinator for Hafiza Merkezi and is in charge of its database of missing persons from Turkey. The organization uses OpenEvsys for the database, combined with a public website to visualize the data, developed by HURIDOCS.

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Managing information is essential to our mission

“Managing information is essential to the success of our mission and, before turning to HURIDOCS, we were having a very hard time organizing our content. We asked for their help because we knew the HURIDOCS team specialises in human rights and has a strong background as information management specialists.”

Maksym Shcherbatyuk is Program Director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU), the biggest human rights organization in Ukraine. The organization is using Casebox for real-time monitoring of violations.

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The credibility of any organization lies on the accuracy of its information

“We chose HURIDOCS to help us manage our data mission because of its internationally renowned expertise, its professionalism, and its ethical way of implementing information management.”

Mary Aileen Bacalso is Secretary General of the Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD), and Ivanka Custodio is the Regional Research and Documentation Officer. They use OpenEvsys to document enforced disappearances with their partners across Asia.

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IHRDA and HURIDOCS strengthen accountability and transparency at African human rights mechanisms

“We seek justice before domestic and continental mechanisms for all kinds of victims of human rights violations all over Africa. Our partnership with HURIDOCS is helping us disseminate important information pertaining to the jurisprudence of these mechanisms.”

Brice Djeugoue is Communications Officer for the Institute for Human Rights and Democracy Development in Africa (IHRDA).  See http://caselaw.ihrda.org/

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