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An individual philanthropist connects migrants to “the right people” with MigCall

As of January 1, 2016, Indian migrants in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can use a new tool for accessing help in times of distress: MigCall. Improving migrant workers’ conditions and connectivity With proper connectivity to their respective embassies and social workers, most of the challenges migrant workers can be solved. Conditions for Indian migrant workers are […]

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5 Steps to Protect Your Data in Case of Computer Theft

Last weekend, our headquarters in Geneva and the office of an ally organization were burglarized; two of our desktop computers were stolen. The attending policewoman told us despite Switzerland’s reputation as a crime-free country, there are up to 30 break-ins a day in Geneva. We thought being in an NGO building with restricted access and having standard doors was enough, […]

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The Day We Fight Back

Privacy is a human right: People need it, governments have to protect it and business has to respect it. Too often, this is not the case. Today is the day we fight back. Thousands of individuals, international experts and a coalition of NGOs from all around the globe demand an end to unchecked mass surveillance. […]

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What Privacy?

Privacy is a human right that may often feel elusive, but when it is violated its loss becomes tangible. When you cannot know if what you say will be heard only by those who are supposed to, how can you speak freely? If everything you do at home can be torn into the public realm, […]

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Free access to two unique resources on civil liberties in Europe

Statewatch is pleased to announce free access to of its specialist civil liberties websites (full access to these resources was previously only available to paid subscribers). 1. The Statewatch database – 27,000 articles on civil liberties in Europe dating back 20 years The Statewatch database contains all articles, features and new material published in the […]

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ICHRP report on social control and human rights

sommaire en français Le Conseil international sur les politiques des droits humains vient de publier l’embauche de son rapport sur contrôle sociale et droits de l’homme, disponible en anglais sur http://www.ichrp.org/files/drafts/11/126_draft.pdf resumen en español El Consejo Internacional de Políticas de Derechos Humanos acaba de publicar la contratación de su informe sobre el control social y los derechos […]

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