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Using Lightroom, Hayk can choose tags and manipulate the metadata of his photos. This helps him to find them later on.

How to organise 40,000 photos? (And why bother to do it)

Why is it important to keep things in order? It takes time and keeps you away from actual work. “Only the stupid need organisation — the genius controls the chaos”, Albert Einstein supposedly said. So why bother? Why have an organisation like HURIDOCS that helps others build databases, organise (and build) their websites and train […]

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Rwanda Genocide Archive opens

source: http://www.aegistrust.org/Aegis-Rwanda/ On 10 December, at the Kigali Genocide Memorial (KGM) in Rwanda, on slopes above mass graves containing over 250,000 of those murdered, a documentation facility was unveiled that is set to make the 1994 genocide one of the most comprehensively documented – and most easily researchable – genocides of all time. Established by […]

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Los organismos de derechos humanos: documentos emblemáticos

Los organismos de derechos humanos: documentos emblemáticos english version Es imposible abordar la historia de los últimos 35 años de nuestro país sin considerar el rol central que ha tenido el movimiento de derechos humanos en la configuración política y social de la Argentina contemporánea. Aquellos años de dictadura, el complejo proceso de transición democrática […]

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Archives without borders Conference

resumen en español Las Asociaciones Profesionales VVBAD (Bélgica) y KVAN (Países Bajos) organizan un Congreso Internacional intitulado Archivos sin fronteras que se celebrará el 30 y 31 de agosto de 2010 en el Palacio de la Paz en La Haya, Países Bajos. Este congreso conmemora la primera Conferencia Archivística Internacional que tuvo lugar en Bruselas […]

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Srebrenica-exhumation : a forensic reconstruction of the 1995 genocide

A new exhibit on the Srebrenica genocide opened at OSA Archivum in Budapest on June 2. Based mainly on documents accumulated during the fifteen years of criminal investigation, as well as archival material on the identification of human remains, the exhibit is a forensic reconstruction of the genocide and other mass atrocities committed by units […]

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Human Rights Web Archive

texto en español debajo texte en français ci-dessus The Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research (CHRDR), part of Columbia University Libraries/Information Services, is pleased to announce the development of the Human Rights Web Archive. As part of Columbia’s larger initiative to collect free and at-risk web resources, the Human Rights Web Archive is dedicated […]

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Archivos, constructores de ciudadania

summary in English The Documentation Sciences Foundation will hold three on-line seminars on “Archives, builders of citizenship” in the period 13-30 April, in Spanish. For more details, see http://www.documentalistas.com/training/index.php sommaire en français La Fondation pour les Sciences de la Documentation tiendra trois seminaires en ligne sur les “Archives comme constructeurs de la citoyennité”, durant la période de […]

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