Structure & People

HURIDOCS is formally a nonprofit organisation registered in Geneva under Swiss law. However by nature, it is a network organisation:

  • Its members are persons interested in communication techniques and information handling in the human rights sector. They form the General Assembly, which meets at least twice per year. The General Assembly defines the aims and sets the overall guidelines of HURIDOCS;
  • The General Assembly determines the programmes and activities of HURIDOCS, and consists of seven to eleven members;
  • The Executive Committee regularly discusses ongoing work with the Executive Director in between General Assembly meetings. It consists of the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
  • The Geneva-based Secretariat implements the strategy that is approved by the board, and handles the day-to-day activities of HURIDOCS: support and training, communications to the network, research and development of new tools.

The General Assembly

The HURIDOCS board is called General Assembly and is charged with the oversight of the HURIDOCS programme. Its composition reflects a wide range of skills and diverse backgrounds. The last General Assembly 16 April 2014, where new members have been elected.
  • Edward Halpin , Chairperson / United Kingdom
  • Hannah Forster, Treasurer / Gambia
  • Rosario Narvaez Vargas / Peru
  • Agnethe Olesen/ Denmark
  • Alix Dunn / USA
  • Gisella Reina / Italy, Netherlands
  • Douglas Arellanes / USA


The HURIDOCS Secretariat facilitates collaborative activities for the human rights community and provides administrative support to HURIDOCS other governing bodies. Its responsibilities include:

  • Provide training, advice and support
  • Coordinate development of tools and methodologies
  • Maintain an understanding of the information management needs of NGOs and explore for solutions.
  • Maintain a specialised on-line resource centre and help desk
  • Share and disseminate innovations and best practices

Meet the staff working at the Secretariat.


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