Secretariat staff

Daniel D’Esposito

Daniel D’Esposito, Executive Director
Email:; Skype: daniel.desposito, PGP Key
Daniel was HURIDOCS capacity building officer from 2006 to 2009, after serving ten years with the ICRC, both in the field and at headquarters, in the field of humanitarian protection (visits to detainees to prevent torture and disappearances and improve conditions of detention, and monitoring respect for international humanitarian law by warring parties). Daniel holds a BA in political science from the University of Lausanne and an MSc in NGO Management from the London School of Economics.

Manushak Aslanyan

Manushak Aslanyan, Project Manager for FSU
Email:; Skype: manush.huridocs, PGP Key
Manushak Aslanyan joined HURIDOCS first as an intern in 2013 and returned as Project Manager Former Soviet Union (FSU) in October 2014. At HURIDOCS, Manushak coordinates projects in the region with a focus on building capacity of our partners and implementing information management solutions. Passionate about human rights and the rule of law, Manushak holds an LLM in European Law from the Europe Institute of the University of Saarland. She speaks Armenian, Russian, English, German and French. Originally from Armenia, Manushak is based in Geneva.

Anne Bachmann

Anne Bachmann, Accountant
After 35 years working in responsible positions related to accounting and administration in the advertising business, Anne is happy to have joined the HURIDCOCS team in October 2014 and to bring her experience to the Human Rights field. Anne is working part-time and her main tasks are accounting and social insurances management.

Jaume Cordona

Jaume Cordona, Chief Technology Officer
Email:; Skype: eltxau, PGP Key
Jaume has been through almost every role in the software industry, from pure code writing to UX/Graphic design, project and company management, e-marketing, system and network administration, security – in start-ups, big consulting companies, and now in NGOs. This multifaceted background makes him a perfect fit as HURIDOCS’ Chief Technology Officer.

Apart from his technical mindset, Jaume has always had an active interest for politics and social justice, even engaging into formal education (sociology) at university in Spain. Therefore, HURIDOCS is a unique opportunity for him to combine his passions.

Wael Eskandar

Wael Eskandar, Casebox Product Owner
Email:; PGP Key
Wael Eskandar is currently the product owner of Casebox. He graduated as a computer engineer, worked as a developer, business analyst and software architect for various companies and a systems integrator. He moved to working with NGOs in Egypt. He joined HURIDOCS to continue his work sharing his experience and expertise in helping NGOs grow and organise information.

Peter Küttel

Peter Küttel, Chief Operations Officer
Email:; Skype: peter_geneva; PGP Key
Peter has worked for 11 years for Procter & Gamble in Geneva. Originally a key account and customer marketing manager, he was then in working on global strategic alliances, establishing external partnership programmes in Central/Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, India and Malaysia. He left Procter & Gamble in autumn 2008 to travel the world and to start working for NGOs. He started with the Women’s World Summit Foundation, where he was the coordinator for the prevention programme against violence on women. Since January 2010 Peter is working part-time as Communication & Marketing Coordinator for the NGO Management Association Switzerland. Since April 2012 is working part-time for HURIDOCS. His main tasks are to monitor and coordinate HURIDOCS’ programmes and projects and to manage the finances of the organisation as well as human resources.

Katherin Machalek

Katherin Machalek, Director of Development
Email:; PGP Key
Katherin Machalek was HURIDOCS program manager for the former Soviet Union from 2009 to 2011. She took a two-year hiatus from HURIDOCS working as a research analyst for Freedom House in New York with a particular focus on the South Caucasus. Since September 2013, Katherin has returned to HURIDOCS as Institutional Development Officer and Project Manager for capacity building projects in Russia and Ukraine. Katherin holds an MA in political science from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and speaks English, Russian, German, and French. Katherin is based in New York.

Friedhelm Weinberg

Friedhelm Weinberg, Programme Manager
Email:; PGP Key
Friedhelm manages projects and partnerships for HURIDOCS in Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Asia. Previously, he has worked on HURIDOCS’ communications and projects in Africa. Before that, Friedhelm was a journalist and has studied for a BA in International Relations from TU Dresden and an MA in Political Science from University College London and Jagiellonian University Kraków. Based in Geneva, he speaks English, German, Russian, Polish and some French.

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Bert Verstappen

Bert Verstappen, Senior Documentalist
Email:; Skype: berthuridocs; PGP Key
Bert Verstappen has been working with HURIDOCS since 1987. He coordinated the work of different Task Forces and co-authored main HURIDOCS publications such as the Events Standard Formats, Micro-thesauri, What is documentation? and What is monitoring? He has a wide experience in organising and providing training on human rights documentation. Bert is a historian from the Netherlands and previously worked with the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) and the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo.

Basheer AlZoughbi

Basheer Al Zoughbi, Regional Manager for the Middle East
Email:; Skype: bashiril; PGP Key
Basheer AlZoughbi research interests lie in public international law branches especially international human rights law, IHL, international criminal law, state responsibility law, and international diplomatic law. He has pursued an LL.M in European Union Law (Reading-UK), M.A in Human Rights Law (Malta), M.A in International Relations Management (Milano-Italy). He has worked with several local and international organisations, including Facilitate Global (UK) and the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (Palestine). At HURIDOCS, Basheer coordinates documentation and research work relating to the Arab world. He is based in Bethlehem.