Micro-thesauri : a tool for documenting human rights violations

This collection of 48 lists with terminology was developed by HURIDOCS or adapted from a variety of authoritative resources. The Micro-thesauri are intended for use in conjunction with HURIDOCS Standard Formats manuals, and in particular with the HURIDOCS Events Standard Formats: a tool for documenting human rights violations.

The Micro-thesauri can be used as a starting point for developing one’s own index terms for libraries and documentation centres, as keywords for organising information on websites, or as controlled vocabularies for databases to record violations.

They have been translated into the following languages, often by volunteers: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesia. Micro-thesauri 1. HURIDOCS Index Terms and 15. Geographical terms are also available in German, Korean and Chinese.

Important: please help us by comparing the HURIDOCS terms with your own lists of terms, and then let us know of any additions to make. Translations in other languages are also welcome.

Download English edition (697 Kb)
Download French edition (783 Kb)
Download Spanish edition (1614 Kb)
Download Russian edition (1408 Kb)

Use the links below to open each Micro-thesaurus in a Google spreadsheet:



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