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Friedhelm Weinberg

Executive Director

“Human rights are not just words: they need to be fought for and promoted. Gathering, organising and analysing information is essential to this goal, and we are proud to strengthen human rights defenders with advice, training and tools”

Friedhelm oversees HURIDOCS’ projects and partnerships around the globe since 2012. He constantly explores new solutions, approaches and collaborations.

  • Geneva
  • friedhelm@huridocs.org

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Al Walid Chennoufi

Project Manager for MENA

“If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology – Bruce Schneier”.

Al Walid’s background is computer science. He worked on the implementation of a rapid response service for civil society and assisted individuals and groups to mitigate and enhance their digital security practices. He joined HURIDOCS in June 2017.


  • Tunis
  • alwalid@huridocs.org

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Alberto Casado


“As software developers for HURIDOCS, we need to develop very simple and efficient online platforms. We do not think in terms of profit: we help human rights defenders the best way we can”

After 10 years developing software in different countries Alberto started working for HURIDOCS in 2015 on OpenEvsys and currently works on Uwazi.

  • Valencia
  • alberto@huridocs.org

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Anne Bachmann


“I have worked for a number of commercial companies and I really enjoy being now involved in a team of people who think in terms of human relations and don’t seek profit at any cost”

After 35 years working in positions related to accounting and administration in the advertising business, Anne has joined the HURIDCOCS team in 2014.

  • Geneva
  • anne.bachmann@huridocs.org

Bert Verstappen

Senior Documentalist

“The development of new tools deeply changed HURIDOCS’ work throughout the years. We renew ourselves constantly. I have committed my career to this exciting challenge because I want to feel useful to human right defenders. Their courage is a source of inspiration for all of us”

A historian, Bert has been working with HURIDOCS since 1987. He has coordinated the work of different task forces and co-authored essential HURIDOCS publications. He is involved in many capacity building projects, providing expertise mainly from the documentation angle.

Clément Habinshuti


“As a software developer, it is important to remember that the abstract code written ultimately has a real impact on real people”

After working at a popular tech start-up, Clément has joined Huridocs in 2017 to work on Casebox and OpenEvsys.

  • Nairobi
  • clement@huridocs.org

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Eric Wamugu


“The difference between torture and safety, life and death, can be just at the speed of a submit button. New tools and technologies will vastly increase our ability to do just that”

Previously a web developer at a multi-national advertising agency, Eric started working on HURIDOCS’ Casebox, OpenEvsys and Uwazi projects in 2016.

  • Nairobi
  • eric@huridocs.org

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Indira Cornelio

Project Manager for Latin America

“Technology can be our ally when documenting human rights violations. As long as we take time to integrate it to the processes and identify the impact it might have within the contexts and under the dynamics we are immersed in”

Indira is passionate about creating online and offline spaces to learn about the strategic and secure use of technology for human rights. She joined HURIDOCS in 2017 as part of the communications team, before working as regional project manager for Latin America. 

  • Mexico City
  • indira@huridocs.org

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Jaume Cardona

Chief Technology Officer

“NGOs need to make sure that their sensitive information are safe. Data security is therefore an essential aspect of my work for HURIDOCS: we train our partners and keep good standards in order to realise their mission”

A software developer since 1996, Jaume also has a background in sociology – the perfect match between technology challenges and social projects. He works for HURIDOCS since 2014.

  • Valencia
  • jaume@huridocs.org

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Joan Gallego


“It has been very challenging and interesting to develop open source tools for human rights NGOs. These tools require a deep understanding of the needs of the users and the building of a community around the information and tool”

Joan Gallego first worked as a contractor in the HURIDOCS-MRVRS project in June 2015 and joined HURIDOCS as a full-time senior developer in September 2015 to work on Uwazi.

  • Valencia
  • joan@huridocs.org

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Kristin Antin

Director of Programmes

“I started my human rights work in the torture treatment field in 2007 and I’ve seen first-hand how NGOs struggle with data management. Ever since, I have been determined to tackle this challenge”

Kristin has a background in computer science and has worked as a community-builder and technology problem-solver in the human rights community since 2007.

  • New York
  • kristin@huridocs.org

  • PGP Key

Manushak Guilhem

Outreach and Partnerships Officer

“I particularly enjoy helping HURIDOCS team members to stay connected to the human rights community we serve and understanding the realities people face. Dialogue is essential to efficiently defend the values I believe in”

Passionate about human rights and the rule of law, Manushak coordinates projects since 2014 with a focus on capacity building and implementing information management solutions.

  • Geneva
  • manushak@huridocs.org

  • PGP Key

Natalie Widmann

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

“Machine Learning is a powerful tool for data analysis, especially for efficient information extraction and the discovery of patterns in document collections. At HURIDOCS, we aim to unite these techniques with invaluable expert knowledge to facilitate the work of human rights advocates.”

Natalie has a background in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. After a six-month internship in 2016, she joined HURIDOCS in February 2017 as an Artificial Intelligence Consultant.

  • Nijmegen
  • natalie@huridocs.org

  • PGP Key

Peter Küttel

Chief Operations Officer

“I left the private sector because I wanted to do something meaningful, which is the case now. Improving the daily life of human rights NGOs and having a leading role in a small organisation with an efficient structure and a pragmatic approach is very rewarding”

After 12 years for Procter & Gamble as a key account and customer marketing manager, Peter started working for various NGOs and joined HURIDOCS in 2012.

  • Geneva
  • peter.kuttel@huridocs.org

  • PGP Key

Rafael Pólit


“As a developer, I have relied heavily on open source projects during my career. At HURIDOCS, being part of open source projects that can contribute to other NGOs as well as other programmers and give back to the community is an exciting experience”

After three years developing the Idukay education plaftorm, Rafa participated as a contractor in the HURIDOCS-MRVRS project in June 2015 and joined HURIDOCS as a full-time senior developer in August 2016 to work on Uwazi.


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