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Gisella Reina


Gisella is in charge of  donor relations at Global Ethics. Before that she was in charge of donor relations at the International Commission of Jurists and other NGOs specialised in emergency aid and food security. Prior to that, Gisella worked as an Economic advisor for various consulting and engineering firms, and as expert in evaluation of development programmes and development of project planning capabilities. Gisella has lived in Italy, the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom, in Pakistan and India and she speaks Italian, Dutch, English and French.

  • Italy, Netherlands

Agnethe Olesen

Agnethe is a professional librarian and documentalist. She has been a member of the HURIDOCS International Advisory Council from 1992-1996 and the Continuation Committee since 1996, serving as the Treasurer from 1999-2009 and Chair between 2009-2012. She is a trainer for UNESCO’s WinIsis software, information management and HURIDOCS tools. She headed the library at the Danish Centre for Human Rights from 1988-2005 and is author and contributor to to numerous publications on information management and human rights, including The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Common Standard of Achievement.

  • Denmark

Edward Halpin

Eddie is an expert of the use the Internet for human rights. He has worked for the European Parliament’s Scientific and Technical Options Assessment (STOA) Unit and teaches Peace Education at Leeds Metropolitan University. Edward Halpin is also a member of the research team in the Leeds Digital Institute, at Leeds Metropolitan University. In 2000, he co-published Human Rights and the Internet (Palgrave Macmillan). He has also co-edited Human Rights and Information Communication Technologies: Trends and Consequences of Use, published in 2012.

  • United Kingdom

Hannah Forster


Hannah is a human rights activist with a background in information management.  She has worked as the Executive Director for the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies since 2001. She is currently actively engaged in the adoption of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa.  A member of the HURIDOCS International Advisory Council from 1992-2009, she was the first Gambian to receive the US Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award in 2007.

  • Gambia


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