OpenEvsys Hosting

You are welcome to download and install the OpenEvsys source code and install it on your server. This will be your preferred option if you have a good systems administrator or webmaster.

However, if you do not want to handle the technical side, HURIDOCS can provide you with hosting and support:

  • Hosting on our server based in Switzerland
  • SSL encryption with security certificate (https://)
  • Daily offline backup of your data to protect against loss
  • In case of technical problems, technical support by an expert developer
  • Automatic installation of upgrades and bug-fixes

This service costs 500 USD per year. This amount will contribute to covering the support costs that are needed to keep this service running and available to all.

HURIDOCS can also provide you with a free account for testing purposes (but without backup or encryption).

For a free testing account, or to ask about secure hosting, please write to us at


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