OpenEvsys – for documenting violations

What is OpenEvsys?

OpenEvSys is a free and open source database application developed by HURIDOCS that human rights NGOs can use to:

  • Record human rights violations and store related documents
  • Browse the history of a particular victim or perpetrator
  • Analyse trends and patterns of abuse
  • Track their interventions by status, impact, deadline, etc.
Try it online now (login = admin, password = admin)
Download the source code at Github

Download the OpenEvsys users’ manual

Questions about OpenEvsys? Is this the right tool for you? Do you need OpenEvsys training or hosting? Please write to us at to discuss further.
There are other useful applications for documenting violations and cases. See “Related software” list on the right.


  • OpenEvsys can be a run from web server, making it easier for NGOs to share and collaborate from multiple office locations. But it can also be run from a local server or a single computer if needed.
  • OpenEvsys has a very powerful search. You can filter events, violations, victims, perpetrators or interventions. And you can also count: for example it can produce a breakdown of all your acts of torture by gender of victim or by type of perpetrator or by date or by province.
  • Additionally, OpenEvsys allows you to explore your data with a faceted search that is linked to charts and maps, helping you identify patterns and creating outputs for your website, reports and advocacy campaigns.
  • OpenEvsys comes with over 200 built-in fields and 48 thesauris. But these can be easily customized: you can hide the fields you don’t need, replace the thesauri terms with your own, and you can create your own fields if needed.
  • OpenEvsys has very fine user permissions: for example it can be set so that each user sees only the cases they have entered.
  • OpenEvsys is multilingual, and currently the interface and thesauris are fully translated into English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Khmer, and bahasa Indonesia.
  • You can download and install OpenEvsys on your computer or server (read the instructions), but HURIDOCS can also provide you with secure hosting and support or a free test account (learn more).
  • OpenEvsys is based on the Events methodology for recording violations. Learn more. It can also accommodate other methodologies – OpenEvsys can work the way you already work.

Note: OpenEvsys replaces WinEvsys, a previous version developed as a Microsoft Access database.


HURIDOCS is grateful to the Danish Mission to the UN in Geneva, for providing generous financial support to this project. We commend their vision to invest in tools that benefit the wider human rights community.

We are also thankful to Respere, the Sri Lankan software development company, and Tom Longley (now at Tactical Tech), who managed the development process for us. Thanks for the year of hard work you put into making this happen!

We also would like to thank the Loterie Romande which provided us with financial support in 2012-2013, allowing us to develop several new features for OpenEvsys.

We want to extend our gratitude to all organisations who fundraised for features they needed and that subsequently made it into the OpenEvsys core. Their feedback and enthusiasm is what makes OpenEvsys a tool always incorporating new features that human rights organisations need.


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