How we support human rights organizations:

  • Plan an information strategy, so you are sure you have the information you need for your advocacy.

  • Advise you on the best technology and techniques to organize your information.


  • Organize and visualize your data on violations so you can see trends, and who did what to whom.


  • Organize your litigation case files so your lawyers can work efficiently and securely online with documents and tasks.


  • Publish collections of reports, jurisprudence, or other knowledge documents you need to share publicly.


  • Organize your large-scale website (thousands of pages) so your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.


  • Digitize the documents in your archive to preserve them or protect them.

How do we do it ?


A. We listen to you.

B. We help you define your goals.

C. We support you to reach those goals by finding and implementing the software tools and documentation techniques that are right for you.

D. Our support can be very light (just a chat), a full project that we can do together (this can include development of custom software), or something in between (we can help you customize an existing tool)


How to get started? Drop us a line!


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