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A website is now an essential component of a human rights NGOs communication strategy. A good website is more than just a website, it is a central element of a digital communications platform, that can include communication tools such as mass mailing systems and social media components. Today, a website can be extremely powerful yet cost effective thanks to open source content management systems.

The essential characteristics of a good human rights website are:

  • Designed with the users in mind
  • Built on a solid and flexible information architecture
  • Built using a powerful and easy-to-use content management system
  • Hosted on a secure international server
  • Integrates a communication platform (mass mailers and newsletters)

The challenge

Through our capacity building work with human rights NGOs, we have come to note the following challenges:

Most human rights NGO websites are still built on manual HTML technologies, which makes their websites difficult to update, and their information hard to access. Our assessment of 4500

  • Many new and emerging NGOs have difficulty getting started, yet desperately need a website as a fundraising tool.
  • Because human rights NGOs have difficulty finding the right website architects, they have websites built on aging or proprietary technologies, with an architecture that is not adapted to dynamic content.

What is HURIDOCS doing?

HURIDOCS is advising human rights NGOs on how to develop websites, recommending organisations who need a good Web presence but have limited resource to use WordPress and its various features.

We are developing some prototype Websites for African human rights NGOs.


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