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AeroCMS is a very powerful and advanced web content management system for large human rights websites. It is specifically designed for organisations with tens of thousands of documents. It provides website visitors with an easy way to navigate and find what they need in a few clicks.

The challenge

Large human rights organisations are faced with the problems of volume and complexity when building their websites. They may have tens of thousands of documents that need to be organized and accessed by type, by geographic area, by theme, by keyword, by date, by author. As the volume of documents grows into the thousands, this becomes a challenge, and the result is a frustrating experience for website visitors. With AeroCMS, we can provide a powerful solution to this challenge.

Filtering documents in AeroCMS

The AeroCMS front-end interface: the website

  • A simple but very effective user interface: content on the left panel, and navigation in the right sidebar.
  • The right navigation sidebar breaks down the content by type, by theme, by country, by date, by author… or by whatever faceting is needed for information retrieval.
  • AeroCMS provides a count of the documents contained in each section. This gives the visitor an idea of the “pulse” of the collection: where the main content or new content is found.
  • The visitor can drill down by selecting multiple conditions, for example, urgent interventions (type) from 2003 (year) in India (country): Urgent Interventions & 2003 & India

The result is a very easy and intuitive way to explore tens of thousands of documents, and find what you need with a few clicks.

More AeroCMS features:


  • Fully internationalized. The interface can be translated into multiple languages, and several language versions of the same document can be easily added.
  • Powerful search. AeroCMS is tightly integrated with the Solr search engine, which combines powerful full-text search with faceted results.
  • Very fast. All counting is pre-calculated and cached as the content is entered into the CMS, the searches in the database are therefore very fast. This also means that multiple concurrent users will not bring down the speed.
  • Simple URLs, RSS and email alerts. Each section or search has a simple and short URLs that help Search Engine Optimisation. Visitors can keep updated by email alert or bookmarking the RSS feed.

ExtJS admin interface

Innovative admin interface

Another AeroCMS innovation is the fully Web 2.0 interface for managing the content. We use ExtJS technology, which loads the interface into the site administrator’s browser. This means that updating is quicker. It also provides useful features such as tree navigation, dragging-and-dropping to create links,and resizing the interface elements.

AeroCMS is among the first CMS to offer a fully Web 2.0 admin interface. Most other CMSs still use classic php content management interfaces. This results in the frustrating “click and wait” experience, as a new HTML page has to be accessed and loaded each time a button is clicked.

Technology partner


Our technology partner for AeroCMS is, based in Chisinau, Moldova. specializes in archteture of complex information systems and have ten years experience in designing document storage and knowledge management solutions. AeroCMS is based on solid, progressive exploration of CMS solutions by its founder, Oleg Burlaca.

SOVA Center uses AeroCMS for its 18,000 pages

Taking action: next steps

  • See AeroCMS in action at OMCT and Sova Center.
  • If you have a large website and are interested to power it with AeroCMS, then please contact us to discuss further.
  • AeroCMS is set up on a project basis, and a typical project will take 3-6 months of development and customisation time, depending on the complexity of your needs