Community Discussion: Holistic security in practice

Human rights work is a fulfilling and rewarding vocation. But it can also be frustrating, exhausting, and risky. In our heads, we know that it is important to think about psycho-social well-being, organizational security, legal and digital security, yet we struggle to put these concepts into practice. Digital or physical security cannot be addressed in isolation, nor can or well-being – yet these concepts and practices often remain separated from each other. Holistic security is an attempt to integrate these concepts and highlight their inter-relatedness so that we can approach these processes in a more connected and meaningful way.

Join us for this online discussion to share your experience and perspective on this topic.

  • What: a live webinar and an asynchronous online forum
  • When: May 2017 (date of webinar to be determined)
  • Where: to be determined
  • Who: open to anyone who wants to learn more about putting holistic security into practice

We will discuss what holistic security looks like in practice and some of the common challenges that practitioners face and ways to address them. Whether you are an experienced holistic security specialist, or a human rights defender  new to this concept, we hope you’ll join us for this discussion!

We are currently looking for 5-6 people with experience putting a holistic security strategy into practice who would be willing to share what they have learned in a short presentation and discussion. If you are interested, please contact Kristin Antin at Here is an example of a webinar we hosted in January on managing contact information.


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