Survey: What info management topics do you want to discuss with peers?

UPDATE: As of July 26, 2016, we heard from around 10 people regarding community discussion topics. The most requested topics are:

  1. Managing contacts for human rights orgs (CRM platforms),
  2. Best practices in standarising data collection,
  3. Central repositories for multi-organisational documentation efforts, and
  4. Fundamentals of human rights documentation.

If you would like to share your knowledge and experience on one or more of these topics, please contact us! We’ll share more information about each discussion opportunity in our blog and through our newsletter. Thank you for your input!

chat_bubble_messages-512We’re excited to start hosting peer-to-peer online discussions later this year! If you are working on (or struggling with!) human rights information management, we want to provide opportunities for you to learn from your peers. One format for this knowledge-exchange will be online discussions: 1-2 hour conference calls that will feature a few presentations and space for discussion. Summaries of these discussions will be published on the HURIDOCS website to make the information more accessible. We hope you’ll be a part of these discussions!

But first, we need to know what topics you want us to prioritise for our first series of discussions (October to December)! Please take a moment to rank the discussion topics listed below. You’re welcome to submit your response anonymously, but if you are interested in participating in these discussions please share your contact info, too. Thank you for your input!

  • Please rank your interest in the topics below by moving the most important topics to the top of the list.
    • Best practices in standardising data collection
    • Understanding how open source code impacts a tool’s security features
    • Contact management platforms for human rights organisations
    • Central repositories for multi-organizational documentation efforts
    • Facilitating documentation efforts in diverse networks
    • Case management solutions for human rights organisations
    • Fundamentals of human rights documentation
    • Why and how to use shared taxonomies
    • Best practices for digitising documents
  • Tell us how you'd prefer to be involved in these discussions.
  • If you want to share your experience on one of these topics, please share your name and contact info!
  • We will use this to get in touch with you only for these discussions.

(Survey is now closed. Thank you for your input!)



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