Resources for NGOs at is an online initiative, working for the sustainability of NGOs by increasing their access to donors, resources, and skills. It uses technology to spread knowledge and increase capacity.

Proposal Writing Tools for NGOs
How to write a proposal, how to write a concept note, how to develop a logical framework analysis in grant proposals…

NGO Management and Organizational Development
From developing systems and policies for your organization to the guide on training your NGO staff in fundraising to to some alternative and sustainable solutions to NGOS

NGO Guides
A compilation of useful guides that are freely available for download…

Travel Grants
Compilation of sources from where NGOs can seek travel grants…

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sommaire en français est une initiative en ligne, travaillant pour la durabilité des ONG en améliorant leur accès aux bailleurs de fonds, des ressources et les compétences. Il utilise la technologie pour diffuser les connaissances et renforcer les capacités.

resumen en español es una iniciativa en línea, trabajando para la sostenibilidad de las ONG mediante un mayor acceso a los donantes, los recursos y habilidades. Utiliza la tecnología para difundir conocimientos y aumentar las capacidades.

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