FLOW: Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women

FLOW is a new fund initiated by the Dutch Foreign Ministry to strengthen the rights and opportunities for women and girls worldwide. Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation Ben Knapen has reserved 70 million Euros for this fund.

FLOW will focus on three priorities: security (including violence against women and UN Resolution 1325), economic empowerment (with an emphasis on food security, land, water and economic rights) and political participation. In these three priorities female leadership is seen as an important instrument.

Dutch or international NGOs applying for this grant opportunity must be based in or operate in developing countries. The programme must focus on at least one of the following three categories of activities:

  1. Activities designed to promote security by combating violence against women and actively involving women in processes of peace, security and reconstruction;
  2. Activities designed to promote economic self-reliance, through giving women a say in food security, employment and property rights and access to safe drinking water;
  3. Activities focused on the participation and representation of women in politics and public administration

NGOs that meet the criteria as specified in the application documents are welcome to apply for a FLOW grant.

For more information, see the interview with Robert Dijksterhuis, head of the Gender Division of the Dutch Foreign Ministry, or contact dmh-tender@minbuza.nl

sommaire en français
FLOW est un nouveau fonds lancé par le Ministère néerlandais des Affaires étrangères pour renforcer les droits et les possibilités pour les femmes et les filles dans le monde entier. Le ministre des Affaires européennes et Coopération Internationale Ben Knapen a réservé 70 millions d’euros pour ce fonds.

Pour plus d’informations en français, voir l’interview avec Robert Dijksterhuis, Chef de la Division des sexes du Ministère néerlandais des Affaires étrangères

resumen en español
FLOW es un nuevo fondo lanzado por el Ministerio Holandés de Asuntos Exteriores para fortalecer los derechos y oportunidades para las mujeres y las niñas en todo el mundo. El Ministro de Asuntos Europeos y Cooperación Internacional Ben Knapen ha destinado 70 millones de euros del fondo.

Para obtener más información en español, véase la entrevista con Robert Dijksterhuis, Jefe de División de género del Ministerio holandés de Asuntos Exteriores .

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