Being well and staying safe: resources for human rights defenders

Join New Tactics, Jane Barry and other practitioners for an online dialogue on Being Well and Staying Safe: Resources for human rights defenders from June 22 to 28, 2011.

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Human rights work is a powerful and fulfilling vocation.  And it is equally hugely challenging for human rights practitioners.  The nature of this work exposes defenders to distressing and threatening situations.  The need to take care of one’s self is extremely important, as is the need to take care of, protect and support each other.  Human rights defenders cannot be well without being safe.  Likewise, they cannot truly be safe without being well.

Often, security is thought of as a stand-alone concept, rooted in the set, militaristic concepts of war and conflict.  Human rights defenders are defining a new concept of security – one that comes from a feminist and anti-militarist standpoint.  Women in Black have defined security as including: freedom from constant threats, economic security, political security, environmental security, and health security.  How would a new, more integrated and holistic definition of security impact the human rights community?

This online dialogue is an opportunity to further explore the ways in which well-being and security are mutually inclusive for human rights defenders.  This is a space to discuss how these issues and concepts relate to gender, identity, human rights work, budgeting and fundraising.  Join us here and share your stories, ideas and resources!

The featured resource practitioners committed to help lead this dialogue so far include:

  • Jane Barry (co-facilitator) – author of What’s the Point of the Revolution if We Can’t Dance? (with Jelena Djordjevic, 2007), United States
  • Mike Grenville – trainer on avoiding burnout, United Kingdom
  • Nina Jusuf – advisor and trainer for Capacitar International, Indonesia
  • Edna Aquino of the Global Campaign to Stop Stoning and Killing Women (SKSW Campaign)
  • Patricia Smith, Founder of Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project, United States
  • Mahabat Murzakanova of Citizens Against Corruption, Kyrgyzstan
  • Jessica Wrenn and Adriana Ermoli from the American Jewish World Service (AJWS), United States
  • Reynaldo C. Lopez – Reservist, Christian Peacemaker Team, Philippines
  • Emily Jacobi – Executive Director and Founder of Digital Democracy, United States
  • Wojtek Bogusz and Anne Rimmer of Front Line Defenders, Ireland
  • Lin Chew of the Institute for Women’s Empowerment (IWE), Hong Kong
  • Marie Caraj – (Co-Founder of Protection International) freelance consultant and trainer on protection & security for HRD and other vulnerable groups, Belgium
  • Saira Hamidi of the Urgent Action Fund, United States
  • Becky Hurwitz – Project Manager at MobileActive and currently working on the SaferMobile project, United States
  • Marcio Gagliato of the Center for Victims of Torture, Zimbabwe

sommaire en français

Ce dialogue en ligne est une occasion d’explorer davantage la manière dont le bien-être et la sécurité sont mutuellement inclusives pour les défenseurs des droits humains. C’est un espace pour discuter des façons dont ces questions et concepts sont liés au genre, identité, travail de droits humains, budgéts et financement.

resumen en español

Este diálogo en línea es una oportunidad para explorar más a fondo cómo el bienestar y la seguridad son mutuamente incluyentes para los defensores de los derechos humanos. Es un espacio para discutir cómo estos temas y conceptos relacionados con el género, la identidad, el trabajo de derechos humanos del presupuesto y las finanzas.


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