Free access to two unique resources on civil liberties in Europe

Statewatch is pleased to announce free access to of its specialist civil liberties websites (full access to these resources was previously only available to paid subscribers).

1. The Statewatch database – 27,000 articles on civil liberties in Europe dating back 20 years

The Statewatch database contains all articles, features and new material published in the Statewatch Journal (since 1991, formerly Statewatch Bulletin), everything from Statewatch News Online (since 2000), and our historical archives (dating back to the mid 1970s). It now contains 27,000 individual records. This database is a unique record of the struggle for civil liberties in Europe over the past 20 years and provides an essential tool for students, journalists, academics, lawyers and community activists. The collection includes a wealth of material on civil rights, policing, prisons, immigration and asylum, racism, counter‐terrorism (from Northern Ireland to the ‘war on terror’), secrecy and transparency, and EU justice and home affairs policy.

2. The SEMDOC website of the Statewatch European Monitoring Centre on EU Justice and Home Affairs policy

SEMDOC was launched in 1997 to monitor and document the development and implementation of EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) policy and encourage critical research and debate. The JHA field includes migration, asylum, border control, visa policy, the ‘Schengen’ Convention, civil law cooperation, policing and criminal law.
The SEMDOC website includes a “legislative observatory” which has covered every single adopted and proposed measure in the JHA field since the Amsterdam Treaty entered into force in 2001. The observatory details the positions of the EU Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament, with links to all relevant full‐text documentation. More than 700 specific measures have now been documented.

SEMDOC also contains all relevant international treaties and EU case‐law on justice and home affairs matters, along with a wealth of information about the decision‐making process, legislative agenda and key treaty provisions.  The SEMDOC website is the most comprehensive independent resource on EU JHA policy in Europe.

sommaire en français

Statewatch annonce ce sa base de données Statewatch avec plus que 27,000 articles sur les libertés civiles en Europe ainsi que les documents de sa Centre européen de monitoring de politiques de Justice et des Affaires intérieurs sont maintenant disponibles gratuitement sur Internet.

resumen en español

Statewatch anuncia que su base de datos Statewatch con más de 27.000 artículos sobre las libertades civiles en Europa y los documentos de su Observatorio Europeo de Política de Justicia y Asuntos de Interior ya están disponibles gratis en Internet.

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