Srebrenica-exhumation : a forensic reconstruction of the 1995 genocide

A new exhibit on the Srebrenica genocide opened at OSA Archivum in Budapest on June 2. Based mainly on documents accumulated during the fifteen years of criminal investigation, as well as archival material on the identification of human remains, the exhibit is a forensic reconstruction of the genocide and other mass atrocities committed by units of the Bosnian Serb Army (VRS) on the civilian Muslim population of the Srebrenica enclave, then a UN protected safe haven, in the period of July 11-18, 1995. More 8,000 men and boys were systematically killed and dumped into primary mass graves, which were later reopened and the remains scattered in secondary graves to make their identification more difficult.

Several hours after the ICTY handed down its landmark verdict in the Srebrenica seven case (Popovic et al., IT-05-88), including two life sentences for genocide on June 10, the international staff of OSA Archivum issued a communique, urging all decent human beings not to rest until one of the chief executioners of the genocide, Ratko Mladic is brought before his judges.

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