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Current funding needs

HURIDOCS is currently searching for visionary donors who are interested in helping us improve the capacity of human rights organisations to master their information:

  • We are seeking funding to complement our MacArthur grant and expand our Africa program. The aim of this program is to provide proximity capacity building services to NGOs in Africa, with regards to websites, databases, ditigal communications, and digital security, and would include training, support, equipment and software development (by African developers). The funding would enable us to field one programme director and one trainer. 200’000$ per year is needed for the three year programme.
  • We plan to develop a Caselaw Analyser for the Inter-American human rights caselaw, similar to the one we developed with IHRDA for the African caselaw.  This project is in partnership with CEJIL. This innovative project will make the Inter-American caselaw easily accessible to advocates and researchers, which is not the case at the moment. The Analyser will contain 400 of the most useful or progressive decisions, easily browsable by country, right violated, keyword, and date, and will also give an easy overview of the State compliance with these decisions. 240’000$ is sought for this 18-month project.

Financial support can be provided as core funding, to help us implement our 2010-2015 strategic plan. Funding can also be earmarked for a particular region, or a particular tools development project.

Request our strategic plan by writing to Daniel D’Esposito, Executive Director, at